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Greeting Rules













Cheki signature+greeting


I purchase the "cheki" ticket of accessories at a reception desk.

You take a row, a "chek"" before the member who wants to take a ceremonial photograph, and please interchange.


※Please refrain from a pose and the conversation to hate. Sexual harassment is leaving + sanction immediately.

   There is the junior high student in the member, too. You keep the morals as adult, and please enjoy it.

※The greatest interchange time is 90 seconds. That exceed it; cannot interchange. In the case of a special event, I may shorten.

   Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

※From a point in time when handed a ticket count down. You take it, and please decide the poses beforehand as you are not after.

※The check ticket that I can use at once is to two pieces basically. (up to three minutes)

   The people wanting more than it, please line up once again. But it is not the limit when the staff detects it.

※A junior high student until 21:00. The high school student is product sales time until 22:00. (if a clock of the staff is not out of order)






​Homework "Cheki"

It can be received by the purchase after three pieces.

Special contents to have by use at three pieces of same time.


It becomes two pieces of interchange one piece homework.

But I would like that it may become awfully late after readiness.

​Even 20 pieces are possible with ten pieces, but do the distant place with two months for one month (Fukuoka) from

a finished day during the storage period. Thereafter, I throw it away.




​Service to scribble on a T-shirt

Mail order-limited special contents.

Because a member scribbles one by one, please note that you may take time awfully.

​Even delivery by hand is 1,000 yen even if I send the postage to where, but is very happy.

(except foreign countries and some areas)







Greeting-limited special contents.
​Even any continuation is OK. When was made a slap, good luck could not bring; is enough.
​The injury is a self-responsibility. Video shooting is OK.






Indefinite check


Greeting-limited contents.

​If a signature is written, it is lucky. Another one wins a special checker.

​There is no interchange. Sellout pardon.

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